Smart Lighting

Create Your Own Ambience

Infinite Colours

Based on your mood or time of the day, you can customise your lighting by selecting between a range of 16 million color shades.

Control From Anywhere in the World

Control or set lighting sequences from anywhere in the world. You can even configure and emulate presence activation scenarios, to give an impression that you’re home.

Connect with other Smart Home Devices

Your smart lighting takes inputs from compatible smart home devices and intelligently reacts to events.

Control From Your Smartphone

Smart lighting offers endless possibilities to control your lights from your smartphone or a tablet. Select the range of warm cool white lights and change its intensity that suits your need. Add splashes of different lights and colors and transform your every occasion into a unique memory.

Create The Perfect Mood

Sync your smart lights with your favourite music and make it dance along with you at every beat. Turn your rooms to a dance floor and add a new charm to your party. Just download the app, sync and get going. Similarly, with the help of few other third party apps, you can take your gaming and TV viewing experience to a whole new level.

Plug-and-Play Setup

As each bulb comes with the chipset for communicating to your home Wi-Fi network, it makes the setup for smart bulbs very easy. No need of any intermediate hub. Your smart light is just a plug and play device like traditional lights. The complete installation can be completed in three simple steps:

(1) Install your bulb

(2) Download the app

(3) Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy.

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Walli Dimmer

22,500.00 25,000.00

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Key Fob

14,500.00 15,000.00


Home Google Assistant

20,000.00 22,000.00


The Button

14,233.00 15,000.00



109,048.00 110,000.00


Smoke Sensor

26,594.00 27,000.00


Co Sensor

21,512.00 22,000.00


Home Center Lite Controller

45,000.00 46,000.00

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