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We at deal in Smart Home and Mall solutions that allow for remote monitoring and control of appliances and systems of lighting, heating, surveillance etc., by smart automation. Not only this, with SmartPlace solutions, you can have the ease of operations of curtains, security cameras, and water motors.SmartPlace brings your home its set of brain, sensors, and actors!

The smart home solutions we provide link them all via the smartphone apps, as one multiband integrated place called the smart home.

At, we fi­nd the sweet spot between the available smart solutions and your requirements. With the top-notch devices, acquired from the world’s best smart systems manufacturers, we give a perfect start to your smart home journey.

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Our team of highly skilled individuals, our core strength, have the requisite expertise in catering demands and needs of the clients with timely and efficient delivery of desired goods while strictly adhering to all safety regulations.

Our dedicated team is always striving to provide you with best services when it comes to installation and maintenance of smart devices in your home.

A collaborative work environment is maintained by fostering a genuine interest and shared commitment to improve the customer experience.