2 Best Insider Tips to Choose Smart Access Control System for Your Home Security

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With changing dynamics of society, most of the family members, either working or studying, have to leave their residences unattended for long hours. Possibility of theft or any other untoward incidence keeps hovering over mind. Oftentimes, either elderly or children are to stay unsupervised. Such scenarios leave you worrying if all is well at home and you have to keep continuous check by calling them or hurrying back.

Security amenities have taken top slot in the list of amenity purchases. All kinds of smart access control systems are available from simplistic to futuristic.

In this article you will read about a reliable approach to make a smart choice.

a.Why Smart Access Control Systems?

  • Smart access control systems provide independent, hassle free access to all residents of home. Family members can access their residence with the help of key-less technology, using electronic cards or IOT based systems.
  • These systems are capable of providing efficient safety to your house by securing all access points from potential thefts. The status of windows can also be controlled in advanced systems.
  • Having a robust fool proof security system installed at your home not only gives mental composure but also gives financial edge by securing valuables in your house.
  • Provision of the tracking tool to monitor access to house can surely enhance the level of security offered by any access control system.

b.2 most important things to make a smart choice

Installing smart access control is a big investment, so it should be smart too. To get most appropriate and budget friendly solution for your home, you should have all the information regarding your requirements and expectations.

1.Outline your requirement

Answer these questions as a prerequisite to do market survey before choosing smart access control system.

  • What is the targeted area of protection?
  • Which installation method do you want to use?
  • What does daily life schedule of your family members entail?
  • How much money can you spare for this purpose?

Once you decide to acquire a system, the way of using access method needs to be decided.

2.Understand the Smart Access Control Systems

Access method refers to the medium that is used by authorized people to get into the secured premises. There are multiple access methods like electronic access cards, mobile credentials or biometrics. The system which supports access through a software that is coupled with hardware is most effective access method.

c.Types Of Smart Access Control System

I.Touchscreen and Keypads

Keypads and Touchscreens are at the user end of electronic locking systems. The unit replaces the key to a deadbolt or door with a keypad or touch screen. Most units have a back-up physical key. Operating with a basic reader, the user enters a pre-programmed code. If the code matches, the system gets it unlocked. The keypad can take as input the multiple codes and temporary codes. Touch screens can operate with a password, PIN, or biometric, such as a fingerprint.

II.Biometric Reader

This locking system mostly use fingerprints to verify credentials but can use other biometrics such as a palm scan, retina scan, or voice activation. The scanner in biometric system changes the biometric input into a numerical code, whichis feed in system as credentials. The most notable advantage of biometric readers is the difficulty in faking credentials or bypassing the system.

The shortcoming of using biometric reader is the higher cost. Initiating code is time taking and biometric systems have the highest incidence of system failure. For instance, an injury to the thumb could result in the rejection of an authorized individual because the biometric reader cannot match the print with the one in the system.

III.Remote Access or Smart Locks

Smart locks or remote access have this attractive feature of providing access without physical presence of authorized person. User proximity is not requirement of smart locks. Smart lock-based system can generate alarms for users or inform users about the status of their secured premises. To unlock the smart lock-based access control, credentials are entered using smartphone, computer or tablet. Smart locks have an edge over others because of the flexibility it provides to users by letting them to allow or restrict access at any time of the day. Additionally, in case of cyber-crimes or any other threat, the access code can be changed remotely to grant or deny access without being physically at risk in uncertain situations.

IV.Key cards, RFID and FOB readers

Another widely used options of smart access control locks are KEY cards, RFID and FOB readers. With the help of radio transmitter, RFID, key cardsor FOB communicate between controller and FOB. These locks are simpler than smart technologies with basic operation of reading credentials by tapping or swipe or contactless operation to unlock. Reader accepts the credentials without use of complex smart technologies. Multiple doors, drawers or entry points can be unlocked using one FOB if they lie under same access control system.

Final Thought

Creating a safe home equals creating the safety net for yourself and your family, and smart access control system is one of the many choices available to ensure fool proof security of your home.

Having said that, installation of smart access control systems requires a handsome amount. However, being aware of the many ways a smart access control system can benefit you and your family, and the many features these systems have, it becomes easier to get the best suited system for your home.

The above information will surely help you to make the best out of this investment.

Be smart be safe ?

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